Youth prevents train accident near Malda

मालदा Malda (MLDT): Alertness of people living by the railway tracks here helped avert a major train accident on Sunday.

Residents of Malanchapally within the limits of English Bazaar noticed a huge gap between the tracks. They used red clothes to stop an approaching train that would have derailed otherwise.

The incident took place around 7am on Sunday. Locals Tapan Mistry, Prasanta Sarkar, Rabin Singh and others raised an alarm after noticing the gap on the tracks. Mistry said, “We heard a huge sound when a train had passed through this line and rushed to find whether there was a crack on the tracks.”

They put a red cloth on a stick at the spot to alert train drivers.

The local people also informed Malda town railway station about this crack. Meanwhile, a goods train that was coming through the line could be stopped only as the local people frantically waived red cloth. Train driver Rajib Kumar said, “Had they not stopped me, there could have been a major accident.”